We are pleased to enclose personalised cards and messages or other forms of promotional insert within the hampers and gift boxes free of charge. However, there are many other branding options.

a) Personalised Gift Boxes

b) Adhesive Labels

Printed adhesive labels can be applied, not only to the wooden lids and cardboard boxes, but often to champagne or wine bottles.

Personalised labels can also be applied to a large variety of individual items including preserves, pickles & chutneys, biscuits, fudge and sweets.

c) Branding for Chocolates

Ribbons – All Presentations of Luxury Belgian Chocolates can have personalised ribbons.

selection inside. This tag can also be personalised.

Coloured Ribbon and Gift Tag – Stylish and striking

d) Gift Tags

Alternatively, a gift tag with a cord can be produced and affixed to each item.

e) Luggage Tags

To brand the actual hamper, personalised luggage labels can be prepared and attached to the handles of the basket.

f) Screen Printing

The wooden lids of the crates are very suitable for screen-printing.

The plain silver tins are ideal for branding by screen-printing to offer a unique, attractive and very professional presentation.

g) Laser Printing/Engraving

Similarly, the wooden lids are suitable for laser-printing. Wine glasses and champagne flutes can also be laser-printed.

The bases of crystal flutes and wine glasses can be engraved as well.

h) Bespoke Hampers

We are pleased to develop Bespoke hampers for any theme or occasion. Some of the client’s products can be included or even the whole selection of contents can be personalised.