Additional Notes

Wine & Cheese Hampers

Delight the discerning. Universally the cheese board is a welcome indulgence and at any time. The Americans serve cheese as a starter, the French before dessert and the English as a grand finale.

Often a cheese board is built around a theme based perhaps on a country or region, or even a diversity of the types of milk used. It has been said that for an extravagant soiree, offer a different wine for each cheese. This range of Wine & Cheese hampers meets both these criteria.

In the world of gastronomy there may be no other combination as classic or as pleasurable. Although matching food and wine is very much down to individual taste and largely subjective, it is all about harmony. The goal is not to overpower the flavour of one with the other, but to create relationships where cheese and wine bring out the best of each other.

One way is to select the wine according the style or texture of the cheese. A very general adage says that hard cheeses should be paired with red wines, while soft cheeses should be paired with whites. Harder cheeses tend to be stronger in flavour and need bigger-bodied red wines to stand up to them. Blue cheeses pair well with sweet or slightly sweet wines like Sauternes or Port. For soft-ripened cheeses like Brie and Camembert the preferred pairing is Champagne or sparkling wine. The bubbles cut right through the cheese’s creaminess, refreshing the palate for every next rich bite.

Whilst grapes, apples, nuts, celery and spring onions undoubtedly contribute to the attractiveness of a cheeseboard, they also enhance the flavour of most cheeses. We have therefore carefully chosen a collection of chutneys, savoury marmalades and even different crackers and biscuits, each selected to complement particular cheeses.

Port & Stilton Hampers

A superb ending to a sublime day. Tangy English Blue Stilton and the warm, calm flavour of quality Port make these still some of the most popular hampers. However, we haven’t forgotten that fine Dessert Wines make a delightful alternative to Port.